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Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, & Power Washing

More Than Just Window Cleaning 

  • Our window cleaning process is a natural microfiber scrub of the glass, Followed by a squeegee rinse, and finished with a lint free towel edging. 
  • We do not wipe the metal frame and edging. 
  • We simply clean the glass as part of our process. Normal glass cleaning is dirt removal only
  • Windows with wooden or plastic grids, storm windows, paint removal, silicone removal, black fungus, or scraping with a razor will require additional fees.
  • We remove all organic debris and make sure all elbows and downspouts are cleared. 
  • Any material in the gutters from the shingles will not be removed and does not have an impact on the flow of water. 
  • We do not remove gutter guards. We will brush debris off the top of the guards and check the elbow and the downspouts for clogs. 
  • If you have a slate roof or cedar shingles there will be an additional charge of $25-$50. They cannot walk on these roofs and is more difficult to clean 
  • We wash only vinyl sided homes and surfaces such as driveways, patios or decks.
  • No aluminum or wood siding ‚Äč
  • Ceiling Fan- we cannot clean fans more than 16' high
  • Mirror
  • Blind cleaning - 2" wooden faux only.
  • Chandelier- no crystal or beaded
  • Bulb changes- customer provides the light bulb 

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